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home : commentary : columns January 23, 2017

Use the rules of engagement to walk with God
Every great relationship needs someone to initiate the conversation to get things going. More ...
Friday, January 20, 2017

Apostolate to the Fourth World
When the U.S. Catholic bishops do their laudable work in looking out for the needs and rights of migrants and refugees, they are looking out for a large and vulnerable share of their flock. More ...
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Angels among us: how helping leads to healing

Spend a day in a surgery waiting room and you’ll witness a hundred quiet acts of mercy.

 More ...
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Gratitude and goodbyes
The sun rose this morning in dramatic flourishes of pink and orange. Never mind that later the clouds and the gray winter reasserted themselves as members of my family left for the airport. More ...
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Lessons learned through the activities we love
Every person has their own unique interests. All of us think we are more diverse in our likes than those around us. The irony of that statement is lost on most. More ...
Sunday, January 8, 2017
Accepting yourself as God does
Perfectionists are often exhausted. They don't know how to relax. It's important to realize that being perfect is not as important as being at peace with who you are. More ...
Sunday, January 8, 2017
Retirement: An invitation for something more
Hello. I feel like I should re-introduce myself to you as I have just finished my five-year term of service at Catholic Relief Services and now write to you in my status as "me" and not president and CEO, or dean, or professor or whatever titles I have held since starting my professional career in 1979. Yes, this is THE big step: retirement. More ...
Wednesday, January 4, 2017
A new year the perfect time for the pursuit of happiness

Don Currey was a 30-year-old graduate student when he cut down the world’s oldest tree.

 More ...
Wednesday, January 4, 2017
The End of the World
People are forever predicting the end of the world. In Christian circles this is generally connected with speculation around the promise Jesus made at his ascension, namely, that he would be coming back, and soon, to bring history to its culmination and establish God’s eternal kingdom. More ...
Friday, December 30, 2016
The impossibility of being simultaneously grateful and unhappy
There is no way of measuring the discontent that lies hidden beneath the lights and festive happenings of Christmas holidays in any given year. No need to try. More ...
Thursday, December 29, 2016
A new year
By the grace of God, Catholics can obtain a "fresh start" in the Christian life every time we freely participate in the sacrament of reconciliation. As we flip the calendar to a new year, we have a different kind of opportunity before us -- one that challenges us to look at how we will spend the empty days, weeks and months facing us in 2017. Will we live the Christian life to our fullest potential? More ...
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Mary, the Mother of God
Christmas cards abound with the picture of Mary holding the Christ child. It is one of the most endearing images seen repeatedly during the Christmas season. More ...
Thursday, December 22, 2016
A resolution about resolutions
If the Christmas decorations are not put away, it's just a matter of time. After Mass is over, presents unwrapped and holiday feasts devoured, the Christmas season becomes a distant memory, mere hours after its occurrence. More ...
Thursday, December 22, 2016
Reach your 2017 resolutions
By now, you have probably seen the heartwarming Polish Christmas ad that has been watched more than 12 million times. More ...
Sunday, December 18, 2016
Do Catholics stand with Standing Rock?

When my friend Mike Poulin went with two Sisters of Mercy to pray with a group at the Standing Rock Sioux Camp (officially, the Oceti Sakowin Camp) near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, he didn't know what to expect.

 More ...
Thursday, December 15, 2016
Remembering holy ground

We Roman Catholics are accustomed to thinking that the early church moved its headquarters from Jerusalem to Rome like a frog hopping from one lily pad to another. In fact, it moved on the ground, along the trade routes.


 More ...
Thursday, December 15, 2016
A new perspective at Christmas
For a brief moment when we're born, we're the youngest person on the planet. Then, we grow older. More ...
Monday, December 12, 2016
Live long and read!
If the winter days seem dingy and drab, I have a suggestion to perk things up: Read a book! More ...
Monday, December 12, 2016
Changing and changeless in 2017
For one year, long ago, my four siblings and I were all in grade school at the same time. More ...
Thursday, December 8, 2016

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